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Great photography can stem from a variety of sources: vision, skill, experience, knowing what equipment to use, etc. One thing is for sure: Kristi has a rare combination of the elements necessary to be a great photographer and a great businesswoman, both of which are evident in her extensive portfolio and successful career.


Kristi discovered her passion for photography when she began to capture images of her children. As a wife and mother of two beautiful boys, Kristi began to snap away, and quickly realized that her passion for photography was growing stronger by the day. She soon discovered her love of architectural design and, tapping into her artistic side, realized that she was able to capture vivid, beautiful imagery of the interiors and exteriors of properties.


Kristi is a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida and she knows the importance of capturing the true beauty of each property using precise detail. Her company, Photos To Sell, has a total of 6 years of experience in providing clients with beautiful photographic solutions and elite service.

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